SNO 01

Day 01:      Bangkok – Sakon Nakhon – Bueng Kan  (-/L/D)

Arrive in Sakon Nakhon

First visit will be Wat Tham Pha Daen. This place is a well-known hilltop temple in Sakon Nakhon Province noted for its rock carvings, gardens, hillside cave and panoramic views over the mostly flat surrounding countryside.

Lunch at local restaurant.

Then head towards Naga in the water valley About the head and body in the valley: Huai Hin Huai Monastery previously.This stone tells the story of the crocodiles like a serpent because apart from the head, there is also a body which is a single stone and long stone, not very wide but quite long.

After that, visit Phu Lanka National Park, Nakhon Phanom. The trail will take you through the beautiful nature and unique rock formations native to the northeast of Thailand. You will be visiting Nakee Cave and the peak of Phu Lanka Mountain that overlooks the surrounding nature of the area.

Check-in at the hotel for overnight accommodations. 

Dinner will be served at the local restaurant.


Day 02:      Bueng Kan – Nong Khai (B/L/D)

Breakfast in the hotel.

First visit will be Three Whale Rock, this gigantic sandstone formation on the cliff face consists of three rocks that look like a family of three whales: father, mother, and calf when seen from a far distance or in an aerial photo. Thus, it is called “Hin Sam Wan” or Three Whale Rock. This is an outstanding scenic viewpoint to the east of Phu Sing. You can see the views of the Phu Wua Forest, Bang Bat Creek, Sadok Rapids, sandy beach of the Mekong River, and the mountains in Pak Kading, the Lao PDR. It is also a viewpoint to see the sunrise in the morning

Continue to Wat Phu Thok. This temple is the starting point of a walk up to the top of Phu Thok, via a wooden bridge winding around the steep mountain. The bridge was built with faith from monks, novices and villagers. The construction began in 1969 and took five years to complete. This bridge is compared to a path of virtue that leads a righteous man to leave a world and enter into emancipation by their own efforts and determination.

Lunch at local restaurant

After lunch, we will go to Nong Khai province to visit Tha Sadet, where is the port for local people crossing the Mekong River to Tha Duea in Laos. There is a market for Indo-Chinese and eastern European products, as well as the provinces local goods. 

Check-in at the hotel for overnight accommodations. 

Dinner will be served at the local restaurant.


Day 03:      Nong Khai - Loei (B/L/D)

Breakfast in the hotel before going to Wat Pa Tak Suea, the temple has verdant natural surroundings, with walkway along the cliff face to enjoy the natural scenery and Naga staircase leading up to the mountaintop where a cruciform ordination hall is situated. Another highlight that has made this temple attract a lot of visitors is Pha Tak SueaSky Walk, a viewpoint cliff where the scenery of the vast Mekong River that borders the two countries can be admired.

Lead to Khiri Wong Kot Village, you will be appreciated with the nature surrounded by the greenish mountain range and the wonderful morning mist. Taking a tour with the racing to enjoy the nature and lifestyle of the farmers and hill tribes, to visit Huay Khang Pray Waterfall and have lunch in the jungle, as well as to take photo from the viewpoint on the top of the mountain along the Khong River.

Then head towards Wat Pa Phu Kon, Inside the temple is the relics of the Buddha contained in Phra Ket Ruangrot Sri Burapha which is the principal Buddha image enshrined in front of Phra Pathom Rattana Burapha Chan Maha Chedi. This is a very beautiful temple of Udon Thani province.

Continue to Chiang Khan, Loei.

Dinner will be served at the local restaurant.

Then, go to walking street in Chiang Khan where both sides of the street are lined with wooden old houses aged over 100 years, most of which are adapted into hotels, guesthouses, and souvenir shops.

Check-in at the hotel for overnight accommodations. 


Day 04:      Loei (B/L/-)

At early morning bring you to offer food to Monk. This is the old culture of Thailand and Laos called Tak Bat Kaonew at Chiang Khan.

Breakfast in the hotel before going to Kaeng Khut Khu. This place is the set of islets in the middle of Mae Khong River. It's well-known for its colorful boulders that are clearly visible during the dry season and totally submerged in other seasons. Across the River, visitors can see "Chana Kham", Vientiane District, Laos PDR.

Then visit the newest landmark of Loei province, "Sky Walk Chiang Khan" or "Sky Walk Phu Khong Ngeo". The height of this skywalk is 80 meters higher than the Mekong River level, or equivalent to a 30-storey building. It has a walkway made of special type of clear glass, a floor width of 2 meters, a length of more than 100 meters, a steel grating to support it, and there is a “Big Buddha image in a posture of blessing, cast with fiber mixed with gold resin, height 19 meters, which is another symbol of this landmark.

Lunch at local restaurant

Transfer to Loei airport.

Visitors: 9,771