HKT 02

HKT02         Half Day Phuket Elephant Sanctuary + Lunch

TIMING:             09.30 – 13.00   13.30 – 17.00

Transfer to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, a picturesque jungle dotted with ponds, wide open fields and hillsides for the elephants to roam around.

Visit starts at the tree top reception and observation platform, where a presentation and educational video will prepare you for the encounter with the elephants and will help you to understand why they need to be protected.

Afterwards, feed the elephants. While they enjoy their baskets of bananas, pineapples and cucumbers, a professional tour guide will explain the background of each elephant.

Once the elephants are fed, observe old and injured elephants at the hydrotherapy pool and walk with them down into the jungle. By keeping a safe distance and watching them from the observation salas, the elephants have the freedom to express their natural behavior, from bathing and playing in our pond to socializing with each other.

Vegetarian Thai lunch will be served at the sanctuary. Transfer back to the Hotel.

Visitors: 10,124